What Your Glasses Are Telling People

by Sep 24, 2018Eye Care

Glasses are both a necessary accessory and a fashion statement. Whether you’re thinking about buying a pair or already have a pair, it’s important to know what your glasses are telling people. MES Vision says that 143 million adults wear prescription eyewear or 64% of the adult population.


Overall, glasses have countless perceptions that come along with them. Michael J. Brown, a professor at State of University of New York, summarizes research on the topic and how it is proven that individuals with glasses are seen as smarter, more dependable, honest, and diligent. Other first impressions of people with glasses are they are not a threat, they’re trustworthy and a part of a higher social class. There’s many cases where jurors actually are more likely to prove the defendant innocent if they are wearing glasses. Your personality can also be shared through someone interpreting your glasses. Let’s go through some specific examples and what they are telling people.




These are usually referred to as the “Harry Potter” frames. They have recently gained a lot of popularity. This had led to them becoming a fashion statement. I have a red round pair of glasses, so I might be bias to this shape/style being the best option out there. These tell people you’re old-school or enjoy a vintage look. If you are trying to convey the image of meaning all business, you may go for a gold, silver, black, or grey pair of these.



One of the most popular frame style and color combination is black rectangular frames. Many people argue that these are timeless. These show you are simplistic, studious, and bold. The thick versions are extremely predominant with the early 20s hipster group. Black rectangular frames match with anything and prove to others that you are a universal person. Popular brands for these are Ray-Ban and Kate Spade.



Colorful frames are all the rage right now. Creative and fun-loving people are drawn to these. These glasses are telling people you are energized and exciting. If you’re artsy these glasses can be a daring new standout accessory because they don’t match everything. Many times these are worn by people who are looking to switch up their appearance.



Clear glasses are another trendy type of frame. These scream that you are unique. They are opposite to the colorful, in that they match with literally everything. These frames are considered a safe bet because of their universality. Clear frames also tell people that you are divergent from the norm.


It’s crazy how much a pair of glasses can affect people’s first impressions of you — this article proves that. I hope you now know what your glasses are telling people, and you like what that is.


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