5 Social Media Platforms for Doctors

by Oct 3, 2018Eye Care, Technology

We are all aware of popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. However, there are social media platforms for doctors specifically. The top five from UpCity and Capterra are Sermo, Doximity, Daily Rounds, QuantiaMD, and Among Doctors. I will explain each of these platforms and their purpose in this article.



Sermo’s website describes their social media platform as a “virtual doctors’ lounge” and “the #1 social network for doctors in the U.S. and now globally.”

This is a site for physicians to talk about medicine and ask questions of colleagues from around the world. A huge positive for this site is that while the physicians are verified, their postings are anonymous. This allows them to speak freely without worry of supervisor’s punishments.

This site is arguably the most popular of the social media platforms for doctors with more than 800,000 current users.



Doximity is “the largest community of healthcare professionals in the country – with over 70% of U.S. doctors and 45% of all NPs and physician assistants as verified members, and thousands of nurse practitioners, PAs and pharmacists” – according to their website. This social media platform is unique because of its vertical growth across various medical professions.

Doximity is predominantly used on mobile devices – a selling point they are extremely proud of. It’s a platform for you to connect and network with other medical professionals. They also allow you to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits by reading medical journals on the site. Doximity is new to the social media game but already has about half of a million users.


Daily Rounds

Daily Rounds provides a place for physicians to share photos and experiences with each other to gain knowledge or advice. Each website has their own claim to fame and Daily Rounds is being “the largest academic network for doctors.”

They report 300,000 doctors and counting currently using their social media platform. There are numerous featured cases including: what are the PET findings, a man with shuffling gait, and the red lump. While Doximity is strictly within the U.S., Daily Rounds is an international group of physicians.



QuantiaMD is now under the name Univadis. It had gained a lot of awareness and coverage under the name QuantiaMD so I figured it was worth noting. This is a social media platform to allow physicians quick and easy access to keep learning changes in practices and trends.

Over 200,000 members are registered to their social media platform, although they consider it to be more of a place for furthering education and assisting each other in doing so.


Among Doctors

Last but not least is Among Doctors. Compared to the previous four platforms, this one is a bit smaller. The three main uses for this site are networking with other physicians worldwide, job searching, and finding events within your specific field to attend.

Among Doctors user count is around 2,500 currently. However, these are all verified physicians required to use their full real name when registering. This prevents salesmen from getting onto the site and soliciting to doctors.



These are only five of many social media platforms for doctors and other medical professionals. Each one provides something different to its users, but they all pride themselves on being strictly for physicians or other verified professionals.


If you’re in the medical field, what are your thoughts on these platforms? Let us know.


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